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 Laura B. Pagano Temin, LPC, LMFTFOR OVER A DECADE
 Physicians, Hospital  Systems, Government, Business and Individuals have  utilized our  services, programs and products and continue to recommend  Achievement Strategies, Inc. to  others.

 Because we know how to activate successful outcomes.
 And we consider it a privilege to be instrumental in your success.

 Everyone has dreams, goals and personal strengths. And at some point, everyone faces  obstacles, doubts, fears and bad habits which get in the way. Few people know how to access  their success mechanism to overcome limitations and reach goals. Most people repeatedly try  the same old traditional methods and feel more frustrated with each defeat.

Failure is more about misunderstanding a process or having the wrong tools rather than a reflection of a person’s ability. People are not taught how their mind works, how habits form, what keeps hope alive and what stops a person in their tracks. The brain has untapped potential. With proper training, even our difficult goals become Achieve-Able

Our approach is innovative and our methods are comprehensive. We use traditional, well established tools along with scientifically soundcutting edge methods.

Our Expert is a Licensed Professional;  Board Certified Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  Clinical Hypnotherapist and ASCH Approved Hypnosis Consultant and Educator and Behavior Strategist with a track record of success.

Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Personality Profiling for Personal and Professional Goals, Communication Training, NLP, Dream Analysis for Personal Insight and Graphoanalysis for Personal, Relationship and Professional Insights.

It’s All about You
‘Our programs and services provide a partnership relationship in which our sole focus is you.’

- Laura Pagano Temin, BCC, LPC, LMFT, NCC, DCC, CGA.

Client Feedback

November 22, 2013
Subject: Insomnia Treatment
“I’m doing wonderful! I’m resting and sleeping very well. The stress and anxiety has drifted away. I’m really doing well I’m feeling like my old self again. Thank You So Much ! I really appreciate you helping me to navigate my way through that difficult stretch. My only regret is I should came to  see you sooner than I did.”

“I felt that the session was focused on my needs, and I enjoyed meeting with Laura Beth Pagano. I am ready to start on my assignment!”

Enjoyed my first session with Laura and scheduled my next appointment. She is very personable, caring and easy to talk to. I have high hopes that she can help with my problem. I feel better already!

8/10/2012 “This was money well spent. Achievement Strategies is awesome, Laura was great and so easy to talk too, I really enjoyed my visit and I’m recommending Achievement Strategies to all of my friends.”

6/20/2012 “It was different than expected but I thought Laura assessed me up pretty well in the one session that we had.  It was a very professional atmosphere and I felt completely comfortable. “

07/13/2012 Laura is a very professional caring person.

07/12/2012 Interesting. I have only gone to one of 3 sessions and I have enjoyed the time so far. It’s a way to make you think differently.