Alcohol & the Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle 

People want to feel good. It is human nature. We move towards pleasure and away from pain. Sometimes in the process we get hooked. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about alcohol or opiates such as heroin or pain pills. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a glass of wine that becomes a few glasses and over time becomes a bottle. It doesn’t even matter if we are talking about marijuana or cocaine, coffee, cigarettes or sugar. Whatever the substance is, it can happen. And before we know it we develop an alcohol or drug addiction, maybe get arrested for a DUI,#DUI #Evaluation and #Treatment and need helpful treatment. 

Change and The Pleasure Principle
We have an internal alert system. When we are crossing the line into a danger zone, there is a part of us that knows that something is wrong. That is the time when we realize we need to make a change. But sometimes we ignore that internal alert system because we don’t know what to do or we don’t know how, or it is just too difficult. We have all been there in one way or another or at one time. And something unexpected happens that pushes us.

It may be a DUI, or a drinking buddy has an accident or something scary happens. And it is strong enough that our alert system gets fired up and we feel fear and we feel pain. Remember, we move towards pleasure and away from pain. And when the pain outweighs the pleasure, we are more inclined to change.

Why Some People Don’t Need Help
Some people are able to stop drinking, smoking, eating sugar, taking drugs, etc. pretty easily at the point at which pain overtakes pleasure. They make up their mind to stop and somehow they stop. It is not because they are smarter or better or try harder, it is usually because their brain chemistry, internal and external motivation level has increased and their support systems are stronger…and so is the pain. But  above all, they are really ready at that moment and everything lines up.

What Makes Breaking a Habit More Difficult for People?
There are many elements that influence a person and their ability to stop drinking, give up sugar or lose weight. Here are a few.

1. The reward system of the brain- which craves the substance.  

2. Physiological dependency- which experiences physical and/or emotional withdrawal or loss. 

3. Brain Chemistry and Cognitive ability within the different areas of the brain

4. Triggers and Associations which tap into the pathways in the brain.

5. Life’s circumstances, the past, trauma, boredom, depression, hopelessness and fear.

Is there hope if I have tried to quit before and failed?
Achievement Strategies, Inc. knows that change is not easy, even when we want to change, but it can be easier with the right tools and support. We help a person strengthen their internal motivation. We help people strengthen their brain chemistry. We help people move beyond the physical, emotional and psychological addition though a comprehensive approach. We know that people move through stages of change and that it is a process to go from thinking about changing a habit to actually making the change. It doesn’t matter whether a person wants to just drink less, or stop drinking, eat less sugar or stop eating sugar completely. or any habit or addiction they suffer with.

Because we know the elements people struggle with and how change is created, we can help provide the tools people need. Achievement Strategies, Inc. and Laura (Pagano) Temin is approved by the State of Georgia as a Level I Treatment Provider for DUI, Alcohol and Drug Treatment as well as an approved Clinical Evaluator for DUI, Drug and alcohol charges. Especially when a person is forced into treatment due to a DUI or a drug charge, they need the right kind of support and strategies to  move though that difficult time.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. in Roswell GA works along with other healthcare professionals and if needed, can help you find the right combination of professionals who treat you with respect and understanding .

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