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Dr. Amen tells us that ‘The brain is involved in every thing we do. When our brain works well, we work well, but when our brain does not, it causes trouble in our lives.”


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To: Laura B Pagano
Date: 05/25/2013  6:49 AM
Subject: Re: cravings
Hi Laura,

We are so relieved to finally have a thorough understanding of the “why” behind the symptoms and up to date treatment failures for our daughter.

The best part is the relief that our daughter  (and we) have, now knowing that it has not been a failure of some kind on her ( or our) part to follow the “plans” for recovery that just did not appear to work well enough.  She really tried so hard to do a good job, and could not understand why, as she put it “her head felt like it was going to explode at times with the internal struggles and cravings for carbs.” It all makes sense, now.  We are adding allergy testing to our plans, as well as already adding the supplements :). The prognosis is really good, given everything else that is already in place.

I know that you understand the relief we feel!

Thank you, so much for introducing us to the missing piece, that I know we would not have otherwise found. I look forward to meeting with you to share the details, which, from a mother’s perspective are such a painful weight off our shoulders.  We understand that this is just the beginning, but clearly feel that because of the conclusive evidence, our efforts will not be wasted this time!  This lack of “uncertainty” is a huge change for the better, and nobody feels it more than our daughter!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and hers) for the referral to the Amen clinic.

I remain interested in returning to see you to begin the hypnosis surrounding my dislike of veggies!

Thanks for your continued support, Laura.
With lots of gratitude for your humble guidance,


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Dr. Amen uses SPECT brain scans so an individual can peek inside their own brain to see which parts of their brain are too active, under active and properly functioning. This takes the guesswork out of finding the right solution for your problem. Once you pinpoint the real problem, it can be resolved more quickly.

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Dr. Amen categorized
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