Understanding Relationship Styles

Relationship Styles

This is part of the Blameless Relationship Training Series.
Instead of pointing fingers at one another, the goal is to look at Learning and Processing Styles and Sexual Appetite and how it impacts our relationships.

This training begins with Learning and Processing Styles to help each couple understand their own and their partners matching and opposing styles of interacting in the world. As a result, we will see that many conflicts are simply differences in how we evaluate, assess, prioritize and experience information. Understanding these Styles helps diminish the feeling of rejection so disagreements are less frequently felt to be personal attacks.

The next area we look at is sexual personality and the different relationships people have with their own body and how that impacts their love relationship.

  • This training is open to couples who want to strengthen their relationships.
  • Available for individual couples or group training
  • Contact Achievement Strategies, Inc. to Register for this training.
  • Call 770-998-3881 or contact us at info@achieve-able.com


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