Professional Coaching for Business

Professional Coaching for the Business Professional or Entrepreneur
Most people spend most of their time at work or engaged in work than they spend in any other area of their lives.
When we have stress or conflict at work or at home, we must find a way to handle it quickly before it negatively impacts our business or family life.

In an average day, we deal with time pressures, difficult people, unrealistic expectations, demands, deadlines, internal pressures and personal stress. When we are under too much pressure, not only does it take it’s a toll on our health and well-being but it can effect how others see us. Stress causes us to  forget important things. We may have trouble sleeping. We may overreact. We may lose patience. Sometimes we drink too much and eat too much as a reward or to escape. When the pressure continues we become ineffective at work and unpleasant at home.

Business people need a confidential place to let off steam, put things in perspective and develop strategies to positively address their workplace challenges.

Laura B. Temin of Achievement Strategies, Inc. provides professional coaching to help the business professional

  • Feel at ease and in control in difficult situations
  • Learn about personality traits and learning styles
  • Improve your communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Increase confidence and comfort level
  • Gain insight and clarity
  • Release frustrations and build healthy habits
  • Increase sales

Benefit from

  • Strategies and Planning Sessions
  • Weekly Consults/Face to face, Web, or Phone options
  • Communication Skill Building
  • Personality Profiling Overview
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Goal Clarification
  • Navigating Trouble Spots
  • Personal Patterns
  • Confidence Boosters

The Business Professional Coaching Program is available in person, by phone or web.

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