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#mind #managementWhat About Counseling/Therapy Makes it successful?
The relationship between the client and the therapist strongly influences client success. The type of counseling or the psychological method matters, but who we are as people, our ability to relate to our client and how the client feels in the therapist’s presence and space is what creates the backdrop for safety and change.

How does Counseling Work?
There are very few places that a person can remove their mask, reveal their insecurities and their imperfections. There is nothing more validating than being accepted for who we are and encouraged in uplifting ways to  be even better.

People spend most of their time trying to hide their imperfections. We have an image at work that we must protect. We have an image with our loved ones that we must uphold. And we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize any of it.

Society tells us not to bring our problems at work back home with us. And we want to be sure to protect our children and loved ones from the stress and pressures that we face. So we bottle up our day and put on a smile and go home. But in the mind, there are things that need to be sorted out. Day after day in our super busy lives, one thing piles onto the next and we find ourselves tired, or depressed. Sometimes people have trouble turning the mind off and they cannot sleep. When we are stressed, or anxious or depressed, we are more irritable and impatient. In an attempt to calm and quiet the mind we might reach for a drink or two at the end of the day to help us relax. Or we might sit in front of a tv and mindlessly eat. As time goes by we might find that our relationships suffer, we gain weight, lose confidence, we feel depressed, angry or anxious. We might even find that we drink too much. Yet we never saw it coming.

Counseling/Therapy with the right therapist gives you control over your life again.
Speaking with a therapist, gives you a confidential place where you are free to discuss your frustrations without the fear of retaliation, or hurting someone’s feelings or burdening a loved one. It gives you an ally. Someone who is invested in helping you not only get on track, but thrive.

November 2013
I'm doing wonderful! I'm resting and sleeping very well. The stress and anxiety has drifted away. I'm really doing well I'm feeling like my old self again .
Thank You So Much ! I really appreciate you helping me to navigate my way through that difficult stretch.
My only regret is I should came to  see you sooner than I did.

What kind of therapy is best?

There are so many different approaches to therapy/counseling. We use a combination of styles and approaches. We support a team approach. That means that Our clients don’t just come from Roswell, Alpharetta or the greater Atlanta area. Our clients come from all over the state and outside of the state. Because we know that time and money are precious, and we do our best to quickly get results. We believe that it is more important to give a person relief, then it is to spend their time filling out paperwork or rehashing the past.  Our focus is on defining the goal and finding solutions in a peaceful and uplifting environment.

The best choice for Counseling or Therapy at Achievement Strategies, Inc. in Roswell GA may be by phone or in person. As a DCC Distance Credentialed Counselor, Laura (Pagano) Temin has been certified to do phone and internet counseling upholding the highest standards. Therefore distance is never a problem.

Achievement Strategies Inc. knows… Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you are weak or crazy. It means you are strong enough and ready to take control of your life.” Laura Pagano Temin

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