DUI Evaluations & Treatment

DUI? Need a Clinical Evaluation?

Anyone can get a DUI. Being arrested or charged with DUI is humiliating, time consuming and costly. Being charged with DUI doesn’t automatically mean you have a drinking problem. But the law or your lawyer or the court requires that you get an evaluation to determine if there is a problem.

We know it’s embarrassing. We won’t make it worse.
If you are charged with DUI, you feel like people think you are a bad person, but most people who are charged with DUI are normal, hard working people who may not necessarily have a problem with alcohol, but they made a bad choice. 

The court or your lawyer orders a Clinical Evaluation by an Approved Clinical Evaluator who is listed on the DBHDD registry of providers in order to find out whether you need alcohol or drug treatment.

Fair Assessment
At Achievement Strategies, Inc. we go out of our way to make sure that you get a fair and individualized assessment. We don’t automatically send people for treatment. And by law, we are not allowed to refer to ourselves. If we are providing a clinical evaluation we cannot see you for treatment. If we see you for treatment we cannot provide a clinical evaluation.

Some facilities have multiple divisions and many clinicians so you can have an evaluation by one person and they will send you down the hall to treatment.

Because Laura B. Pagano Temin is the only one at Achievement Strategies, Inc. who is approved to do clinical evaluations and treatment, and she cannot refer clients to herself, you can be 100% sure that your evaluation will be fair.

Fast, respectful service. And Answers to your questions.
We know you have lots to do. And we know it can be confusing and overwhelming. It may be that your DUI lawyer asks for a DUI assessment before you go to court. We can get you a fast appointment and work with your attorney.

Your probation officer will give you a time frame to complete the evaluation and we can make sure that you are seen and your report is completed and sent to them.

You will probably have to attend DUI school or Risk Reduction Program- the 20 hour weekend class. We can help you find the right school.

And if you need treatment, we can help you find the right type of treatment for you. Some people don’t need drug or alcohol treatment, but instead have underlying anxiety and would be better helped by seeing a therapist or getting medication or supplements. Research has found that diet has an effect on the brain and thinking. Laura Pagano Temin can make a comprehensive evaluation and guide you in the direction that is best for you.

Laura Pagano Temin of Achievement Strategies, Inc. is an Approved DUI, Drug and Alcohol Evaluator and Treatment Provider in Fulton County Georgia and can see you whether you are in Roswell, Alpharetta, Atlanta city limits or any county in Georgia.

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