Eating: Emotional/Mindless/Anxious

Stressful eating, mindless eating, overeating?

Have you ever experienced one of those moments? Mindlessly eating, eating from stress, anxiety or emotion?

You feel like you are on automatic as you sit in front of a television, computer or in a social setting, robotically shoveling food into your mouth. You are not even hungry, but somehow it doesn’t matter. It’s like the mind is disconnected from the body and the arms and mouth have been set to repeat and repeat and repeat. You know you are doing it. A part of you does not want to do it, but you just can’t seem to stop.

What is going on?

Mindless eating
You have seen a person when they are eating mindlessly. There is a disconnect between the mind and the body. The mind is usually absorbed in something which has captured the attention (a book, a movie, a person, a situation etc.) and yet they are eating. There is usually that blank stare on a person’s face when they are mindlessly eating. That’s because they are there and also someplace far away. This kind of mindless eating happens frequently and because our mind is consciously engaged in what we are focused on, the eating goes on automatic. This is a trance state that people drift in and out of without even realizing it.

Stress Eating
When we are feeling extreme levels of stress the mind moves into high gear as we attempt to analyze the situation. When we feel like we have more demands than we have ability to handle them our stress levels increase. The brain needs energy to think and problem solving eats up a lot of energy so we feel depleted. Emotional eating is often the result of the brains search for fuel and soothing.

Everyone has experienced emotional eating, stress eating, mindless eating, eating from boredom and/or social eating from time to time. But when we are regularly overwhelmed we may find ourselves eating mindlessly just to relax and calm the mind. When we are chronically stressed, or emotionally charged, we may get in the habit of eating to soothe the emotions and eventually we develop an association between eating and feeling relaxed.

How do we stop the cycle?
Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to break the negative habits and replace them with positive habits. In Hypnosis we can train the mind to enter a relaxed state so a person has more emotional control and when we feel calmer we have less need to calm the brain with food. Hypnotherapy is used to teach a person how to override emotional eating, eating for comfort, stressful eating, mindless eating, overeating and social eating.

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