Essential Skills for Success

  •  Know Yourself

  • Develop Self Awareness

  • Lead With Your Strengths

  • Understand Your Shortcomings

  • Decide How to Properly Manage Your Feelings

  • Double Check Yourself

  • Seek to Understand Others

  • Develop and Implement an Action Plan


Success Factors

In order to create Success in any area of life, whether we want to overcome  a problem or reach a goal, we must begin with a clear understanding of where we are going, what gets in the way, what we need to do differently and how to do it.

It’s important to have a correct interpretation of the situation, a productive way of processing information and healthy response patterns. We must eliminate haphazard and distorted thinking, double check our thinking and know when to take control of our feelings. And we must develop a clear plan of action.

In order to accomplish these tasks we need to know what influences us and impacts us and others.

Influence and Impact

There are 5 primary areas that hugely IMPACT our personal and professional lives.

1.  What We Believe
These are our foundational beliefs which are based on how we see the world and how we see ourselves. Beliefs are conscious and unconscious.

2. What We Expect
Our expectations are based on our beliefs.

3. Our Experiences and Interpretations
The meaning we give to a situation or interaction with another person.

4. How We Communicate
What we say to ourselves and others. Our verbal and nonverbal communication.

5. How We Think, Feel and Behave
This refers to the cognitive ability of the brain and the self regulation factors which monitor our feelings. Our behaviors are our actions, responses and reactions based on how we thing and feel.

When any of these Success Factors are missing or distorted, it throws off the entire system, but because so much of our thinking happens automatically and because our emotions are sometimes believed to be facts, we are clueless.

When we are clueless, we are powerless because we look outside of ourselves instead of noticing what needs an adjustment inside. These are known as blind spots.

Everyone has blind spots. Blind spots distance us from success. If a person can’t see properly they are likely to make costly and dangerous mistakes.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. can help you recognize blind spots and take the corrective action so  you accomplish your goals, break habits, solve problems and create success.


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