Finding the Right Therapist

The right therapist knows:

  • It takes a lot of courage to make the first call
  • By the time a person makes the call to schedule an appointment with the therapist/counselor, that person has probably been struggling for a while
  • People will usually try to work things out on their own before they ever make the call, but when it feels like they are getting nowhere, they give in
  • When a person calls, they need to be seen right away
  • People have doubts and fears about seeing a therapist or getting counseling
  • No one wants to feel bad or be left with negative feelings
  • Privacy matters
  • People need to feel comfortable, respected and hopeful
  • Age and gender matter for certain people and certain issues
  • Experience matters
  • People have choices. Spending their time and money with you is a privilege
  • Undivided attention is required
  • Everyone’s time is valuable
  • Office policies must be clear and fair to all

Achievement Strategies, Inc. In Roswell Ga is the right therapist…
for people who want to feel better, sleep well, lose weight, stop smoking, drink less, de-stress, relax, reduce anxiety, build confidence, strengthen relationships, break habits, reach goals and otherwise find more balance, inner peace and happiness in their lives.

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