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Because the mind and the body are interconnected, doctors are looking at health, wellness and illness in broader terms.

In the past, when a person would visit their doctor with chest pains, the doctor would look solely for the underlying medical condition. But today more and more physicians are looking at the emotional contributors and life stressors that influence illness.

Panic attacks are a perfect example. A person feels like they are having a heart attack, but actually their body is responding to their level of stress. Often when we are under continuous stress, we become almost accustomed to it and we no longer recognize the tension we hold in our neck and shoulders or how our digestion is affected or our level of irritability or inability to sleep until it becomes quite severe.

Why Physicians Contact Us
We offer traditional and non traditional solutions. Physicians are seeking allied health professionals to help their patients who present with conditions that may be medical in nature but result from stress, or lifestyle choices, unhealthy relationships, demanding careers or current problems. Laura Temin is a seasoned clinician with expertise in the conscious and subconscious mind, therefore Healthcare Providers and Physicians are comfortable referring their patients to Achievement Strategies, Inc. to improve patient outcomes.

People understand the benefits of seeing a coach to for accountability, clarity and motivation for areas such as weight loss career and life changes. People also understand the value of the therapeutic relationship for counseling. More people are beginning to understand the unique role that Medical Hypnosis or Motivational Hypnosis provides for lifestyle changes and health concerns, such as weight loss and habit control. Clinical Hypnosis or Medical Hypnosis have proven effective for habits such as Nail biting and Smoking. Research also supports its use in the treatment of TMJ (teeth grinding) or IBS (Irritable Bowel) and Insomnia.

Medical Hypnosis and/or Clinical Hypnotherapy works in 2 ways

  1. It is a soothing experience where a person closes their eyes and the clinician uses words to help create feelings and pictures in the mind and so it quiets the mind and relaxes the brain and body.
  2. It is an effective change agent because it works with the imagination.
    So many problems such as fear and anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia are the result of unintentionally using the imagination in destructive ways .

Here is an example. A person with sleep onset insomnia has developed a habit of not being able to fall asleep. After a while they expect that they won’t be able to sleep. They worry about how tired they will be and how difficult the next day will be if they don’t sleep. And because they have had problems sleeping they remember those and that is what they fearfully anticipate.

If a person has IBS or panic attacks, they remember the many times that they experienced the panic feeling or the upset stomach and they can’t help but feel fearful or worry that it will happen again. Without realizing it, they are imagining the worst case scenarios in their minds and they expect it to happen again. Anything that reminds them of that event or situation triggers the feeling and they have no control and feel helpless. The harder they try not to worry, the more anxious they become.

How Clinical Hypnosis and EMDR works with Medical Conditions
Both work behind the scenes on the subconscious level where the associations are created and the imagination lives. EMDR works on weakening the power of the negative memories. Hypnotherapy dissolves the feelings and the associations. Neither of Hypnotherapy or EMDR require the person to consciously try NOT to panic or worry or stop remembering. Instead, by weakening the memory and/or changing the associations and feelings on the subconscious level, the person feels better and responds differently and worries less.

Medical Hypnosis  focuses is on medical conditions. People benefit from Medical hypnosis if they have cancer and are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Hypnotherapy works to minimize the physical discomfort and emotional distress. It helps to speed up healing and it helps to reduce pain. It has been used for dentistry for implants and oral surgery. Medical hypnosis is also helpful for Bedwetting for children who sleep deeply. And it is helpful for IBS, TMJ and HTN because it is soothing and accesses the relaxation response.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. works with Medical Conditions and has affiliations with Medical Professionals and Healthcare Providers

  • Internists/Primary Care Physicians
    Stress – Hypnotherapy and Counseling
    Trauma – EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Counseling
    Anxiety – EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Counseling
    Depression – Counseling, Hypnotherapy
    Insomnia and Night terrors – Hypnotherapy, Counseling
    Alcohol Addiction or Abuse – Counseling, Hypnotherapy
    High Blood Pressure (HTN) – Hypnotherapy
    Smoking, nicotine, tobacco, marijuana –  Hypnotherapy, Counseling
    TMJ- Hypnotherapy
    IBS -Hypnotherapy
  • Anti-Aging Physicians
    Lifestyle Changes and Self Improvement – Coaching, Counseling, Hypnotherapy
    Stress Reduction- Coaching, Counseling Hypnotherapy
  • Pain Specialists
    Chronic Pain and Depression – Hypnotherapy, Counseling
  • Surgeons
    Pre Surgery fears – Hypnotherapy
    Healing from Surgery – Hypnotherapy, Counseling
  • Dentists and Dental Specialists
    Dental implants – Hypnotherapy
    Oral surgery – Hypnotherapy
    Fillings, Bridges, Partials, Dentures – Hypnotherapy
  • Pulmonologists
    Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation
    Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks
    Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction
  • Oncologists
    Hypnotherapy for the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation
    Hypnotherapy for stress reduction and to accelerate healing
    Counseling for depression
    Counseling for family members
  • Cardiologists
    Weight loss – Coaching and Hypnotherapy 
    Exercise – Coaching and Hypnotherapy 
    Food Cravings, Overeating – Hypnotherapy do reduce 
    Stress Reduction – Hypnotherapy
    Anger Management – Hypnotherapy

Achievement Strategies, Inc. is  happy to provide a team approach with your physician or specialist.
We also accommodate those who prefer that their visit information is not shared with the referring physician.

Call us at 770. 998-3881 for a complimentary consult to determine how we can help you.


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