Hypnotherapy for Stress

Solutions for Stress

When we have more obligations than we can comfortably meet, and when we have greater demands than we have resources or ability to handle them, we feel the effects of stress.

Stress can affect our mood, our ability to focus and recall information, our memory and our personal and business relationships. And ongoing stress negatively impacts our physical health.

Because the mind and the body are interconnected, hypnosis/hypnotherapy has proven to be a wonderful tool for health and wellness.

  1. It serves as a relaxation tool
  2. It serves as a change agent

Because Hypnotherapy works with the imagination, it bypasses resistance of the conscious mind, it makes it easier for a person to make changes in their life, their habits and feelings.

It is similar to meditation in that it helps calm the mind and center a person, but it is even more useful for people who can’t seem to stay focused or awak during meditation


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