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Insomnia can be treated without drugs

What Insomnia Means
There are different types of insomnia. Some people struggle with falling asleep and others struggle with staying asleep and still others have trouble with both.

We have found that most people fit into one or more of these categories:
1. People with Insomnia who have a busy mind and  can’t shut it down

  • These people may be worriers or have life circumstances which keep them thinking and figuring things out.

2. People who have trained themselves not to sleep too deeply either because they don’t feel safe or they had to be alert

  • These people may work at night and had to force themselves to stay awake
  • They may be mothers or fathers of newborns who are nervous
  • They may have a history of an alcoholic or emotionally or physically volatile parent and had to sleep with one eye open
  • They may have had a trauma
  • They may have been in the military

3. People who may have needed to drink themselves to sleep and now their sleep pattern is interrupted due to blood sugar levels as a result of  drinking, which makes it difficult to sleep through the night.

4. People who have taken sleeping pills for too long and now have a rebound effect.

5. People who feel that they don’t have enough time for themselves so they have trained themselves to stay awake to get ‘time for myself.’

6. People who have accidentally created poor sleep hygiene.

7. People with nightmares, bad dreams or night terrors.

How we  help you sleep through the night
Laura Pagano Temin of Achievement Strategies, Inc. in Roswell GA helps resolve the underlying trauma. concerns or interferences that create Insomnia. We help you to eliminate the habits that interfere with sleep.

We work with the conscious mind to understand and address the habits and underlying beliefs.
We work with the subconscious mind to change your associations with sleep.
We work with your sleep habits, your sleep hygiene, sleep restriction and your physician when needed,  helping you rediscover your natural ability to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep…drug-free.

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