Weight Loss Success

How to Successfully Lose Weight

Too many people struggle with weight gain and food cravings. It is frustrating to try one diet after the next and it’s natural for a person to feel bad when they can’t say NO to the foods that cause weight gain. It is no surprise that after a while a person would blame themselves for being ‘weak’ and eventually many people just stop trying.

What if the reason a person fails has nothing to do with being ‘weak minded’ or ‘lazy’?
What if people fail because they use their mind in a way that works against their goals? Most people are never taught the right kind of skills to create the weight loss success.

Successful weight loss involves more than just increasing willpower, more than starving oneself or forcing oneself to eat ‘rabbit food’.  Weight loss training can be an uplifting experience.

The best weight loss approach combines an assortment of tools that teach people how to regulate their emotions, balance the brain and encourage the mind.

Achievement Strategies, Inc.’s online and in-person programs help to make weight loss learn-able and achieve-able.
Our programs satisfy the criteria for Affordable Care Act’s Participatory Wellness Programs and Health Contingent Wellness Programs (Activity-Only category)

WE OFFER Comprehensive Solutions!

Achievement Strategies, Inc. uses a multifaceted program which includes innovative approaches, education, hypnotherapy and coaching.

As a licensed coach, psychotherapist and clinical/medical hypnotherapist who has worked in the hospital system for  8 years and private practice for over 15 years, Laura provides hypnosis expertise backed by science and research.

For some people, weight loss is more difficult than for others because their brain chemistry works against them. Other people may struggle with weight loss due to illness or physical limitations. Those people may benefit from supplements, medication, nutritional guidance or a medical specialist along with our weight loss programs. Because we are affiliated with area physicians, exercise and nutrition experts, hormone specialists and psychiatrists and we have targeted evaluative methods to help you address the problem and for those with special needs, we have the ability to help you find the right specialist for your situation.

Even if you have dieted and failed, your success increases with the tools and approach that is right for you.

 Achievement Strategies, Inc. provides a comprehensive approach.
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