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“If he/she really loved me, he/she would….”

It is said that Men and Women are different species. Men and women excel in different areas of the brain. We have different processing styles. It has even been written that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. If that is true, why should we be surprised when we face marriage and relationship problems or conflict?

In the beginning we are drawn to the differences, but when our marriage is struggling we become focused on the negative aspects of our differences.

Do You Engage in Wishful Thinking?

When it comes to relationships, most people close their eyes to the little warning signs in the courtship period and HOPE those signs will disappear. That is wishful thinking. We expect things to workout simply because we are in love.  – but that is also wishful thinking.

Marriage Counseling as Disaster Control

Most people come in for relationship counseling for one of 3 reasons.

  1. They are in crisis and truly want to save their marriage/relationship.
  2. One person wants out of the relationship, but is going through the motion of counseling just to say they tried. Maybe they are already in another relationship or maybe they are so angry or unhappy that they are ready to walk away…but they haven’t yet told their partner that it’s over.
  3. The relationship is out of balance and/or unhealthy and one partner wants help convincing the other partner to make things better.

Can You Avoid Disaster?

Why would we expect a fairy tale marriage when each person comes into the relationship with their own personal experiences, family drama, personal beliefs, preferences, degree of religious affiliations, personality characteristics, values, ideas, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and communication styles. Without Training, how could 2 different people develop all the skills, experience and understanding that is essential for a successful relationship?

Marriage Counseling Trains You for Success

People mistakenly believe that going for marriage counseling is an indication that they somehow failed. Yet most people never realize that relationship skills require training. We don’t think twice about returning to school to train for a job or to to learn a new trade. We watch the cooking channel and the home improvement channel to pick up new skills, but somehow we think our most important relationship will blossom without learning conflict resolution skills, forgiveness tools and team work training. Everyone deserves a successful and loving relationship. Our brand of Marriage counseling, couples counseling, premarital counseling and relationship training helps lift both of you up and helps you notice the best in one another.

Marital Success and Assessment Tools

Most people would never take a vacation without packing a bag, or planning in some way. When we travel we want to make sure we know what to expect, what the weather will be, how much money we will need and where we will stay. Marital Assessments and Learning Style Assessments work in the same way. They act as a road map to better navigate the terrain. A map helps us understand potential danger, so we can properly plan. A good map can help you work as a team. Our Marital Assessments/Evaluations and our Learning Style Assessment are your own personal road map to strengthen or rebuild your marriage or partner relationship.

Magic happens when people finally see that their loved one isn’t purposely hurting them or being “a jerk” but instead it is their opposing learning styles that are misunderstood. The goal of Marriage Counseling at Achievement Strategies, Inc. is to educate the couple and arm them with knowledge and skills so they can stop blaming themselves or each other, and build the kind of relationship that they truly desire.


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