Online Coaching, Counseling & Training

Achievement Strategies, Inc. offers confidential online coaching, counseling and training. Of course we offer in house appointments but we offer alternatives for those who:

A. Prefer the comfort of their own environment
B. Prefer not to travel
C. Have time constraints
D. Travel for or pleasure business and can’t commit to office visits

We offer online options including:

  • Video Appointments
  • Phone Appointments
  • Email Support

Our programs live up to the highest standards of confidentiality and compliance.

  • Laura B. Temin is credentialed as a Distance Counselor and a Telehealth Professional… which means she has taken specific training in the area of online and distance counseling and has met the requirements.
  • Laura B. Temin is licensed as a marriage therapist and professional counselor in the state of Georgia
  • Laura B. Temin is credentialed as a Board Certified Coach. That means she has taken specific training in coaching and has met the requirements.
  • Laura B. Temin is credentialed as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and is designated as an Approved Consultant for ASCH. Laura is also and authorized as Hypnotherapy Certification Instructor by ASCH.
  • Laura B. Temin is a drug and alcohol treatment provider and clinical evaluator, approved by the state of Georgia DBHDD. She is authorized to provide court ordered drug and alcohol evaluations and court ordered ASAM, Level 1 treatment.
  • Achievement Strategies, Inc.  has been working with individuals and business for over 15 years on health and wellness goals
  • Laura B. Temin is available for confidential phone visits, internet visits and email correspondence.

To learn more or to schedule your online coaching, counseling or hypnotherapy appointment contact us at 770.998-3881


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