Pre-Marital Counseling

#engagement #skillsWhy Bother with Pre- Marital Counseling?

Everyone wants a spectacular relationship. Somehow we expect that just because we love another person that everything will just fall into place. But when you think about it, each of us have our own personal experiences, family history, religious and personal beliefs, personality traits, values,  tastes, learning  and communication styles. In truth, it would be unusual for 2 people to come into a relationship with all the skills, experience, knowledge and understanding to be successful in all aspects of the marriage relationship.

WHY NOT train yourself to for a successful marriage or relationship?
Think about it. We go to school to gain skills for a job. We take additional training as needed. Some professions require that people stay current on their knowledge. But where and when are we taught basic communication skills, how to fight fair and how to resolve conflict? Learning some basic skills can save you heartache and help you create a successful marriage and a more loving relationship.

Pre-Marital Therapy
Pre-Marital Therapy helps couples evaluate their strengths, their differences and recognize the areas of potential conflict so that each person can develop the skills they need to build that spectacular relationship.

At Achievement Strategies, Inc., in Roswell Georgia, Laura Beth Temin is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. That means that she has taken specialized training above and beyond her Professional Counseling License to do Couples Counseling. In addition to this training, Laura has been additionally trained in premarital assessments and for premarital and family counseling.

Because so many marriages end in divorce the State of Georgia, offers couples a discounted fee when they apply for a marriage license after completing a workshop in premarital therapy or pre-marital counseling.

Pre-Marital Evaluations- A Road Map for Success.
How valuable would it be to have a road map that helps you navigate your future? A map that tells you where the dangers lurk so you can avoid them or plan for them.  Pre-marital assessments/evaluations are your own personal road map to a treasured marriage.

How Do Pre-Marital Tests Work?
Each individual is asked a series of questions about the basic topics that people deal with during the course of their lives. There are questions for young couples and mature couples. There are questions that are targeted for your age group and your situations. Some questions may address religion, finances, family, child rearing, step families and aging parents. All assessments are done by computer in the comfort of your home.

After the evaluation is complete, the couple comes in and together they learn about themselves and one another.  Each person receives a copy of their couples report and the results are discussed and explained. Together with Laura Temin, they learn to understand and appreciate their differences. They learn what to expect from one another down the road, and they learn the skills that are essential for a successful marriage relationship. Along with their training, each person is given a workbook so they remember and practice new skills. Our assessments and counseling styles work well for traditional and non traditional couples and can be tailored to religious and non religious couples.

Is Pre-Marital Counseling for You?
If you are considering a future with your loved one…If you are engaged to be married…If you are ready to live together, it is the perfect time for pre-marital counseling and premarital testing.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. counseling style is always done in a way that strengthens and respects the individual differences and supports the goals of the couple.



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