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Professional Coaching Services

The International Coach Federation (ICF) states that coaching is about “partnering with clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Who Needs A Business or Professional Coach?
Keeping things in perspective and seeing the big picture is very important, particularly in business. It’s difficult to separate ourselves enough from our own thoughts and feelings, particularly when we are under stress or when someone is pushing our buttons. That is why there is so much value in coaching, especially when working with a coach who has a background in psychology as well as business.

In the workplace, image is everything. You cannot freely discuss matters with colleagues, superiors or staff members and be assured that your information remains confidential or that you are seen without judgement. Yet success demands that you learn and grow.  People no longer want to bring their work day problems into their home or burden loved ones. That is why growth oriented people seek out professional coaching services.

How does Professional Coaching or Business Coaching Help?
The professional coach partners with the client to provide balance, to act as a sounding board and a think tank partner. Talking things out brings clarity to the professional and provides another perspective. Professional coaching helps the professional monitor his or her internal conversations for distortions so that the conversations they have with others is well received.

Professional Coaching provides clarity, support and motivation. It acts as a sounding board and think tank. It provides a place to safely strategize without judgement. It offers an opportunity to free the mind and in doing so provides inspiration and balance.

Most people are not trained in communication or conflict resolution. They do not have the understanding they need to effectively deal with personality styles and differences. People seek professional coaching or business coaching when they find themselves in a situation where those skills are needed in order to successfully handle themselves or their team.

Professional coaching can improve client relations, colleague relationships, team building and customer service, all of which impacts the bottom line. It uplifts the spirit, inspires learning and increases the odds of professional growth.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. Professional Coaching Services:

  • Define and Design Professional Goals
  • Understand Personality Traits and Profiles
  • Master the Art of Effective Communication
  • Strengthen or Build Leadership Skills
  • Empower Yourself and Your Team
  • Evaluate Opportunities and Response Patterns in Yourself and Others
  • Establish and Implement a Plan
  • Complete Incomplete goals
  • Enable Effective Time Management
  • Establish Strategies that Improve Sales Efforts or Follow-Through

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