$20 Couples Basic Relationship Survival Skills

Special Offer for Couples/Relationships

If I had to list one element that has the power to build or destroy your relationship, I would say it is COMMUNICATION.

In order to have a spectacular relationship or even a decent relationship, the first thing we need to know is how to communicate properly.

Here is what I mean by proper communication:

  • We must be able to share our thoughts and feelings clearly and respectfully
  • We must be able to listen with the intention to understand
  • We must help our partner feel heard and understood

Come Learn and Practice the ground rules for Effective Communication -Step 1 -Basic Relationship Survival Skills.

Million Dollar Skills for $20.00 per person!
Registration is required. Limited to 8 people- couples/partners only.
Fee: $20 per person
Dates: October 13, 2014
Time: 6PM-7:15 PM

Call 770.998-3881 with Visa or MC to register


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