Success Factors

What creates Success?

All the experts agree that in order to create Success in any area of our lives, we must be clear about what we want and what stands in our way.

We need to understand our capabilities and limitations. We need a plan with specific action steps. And we need to consistently step forward, making adjustments along the way.

If we know what is needed to create success, why is it so difficult to create the success that we want?

Over the past 20 years of working with people I have found that there are 4 primary reasons that success slips through our fingers.

1. Blind spots- We see things through our own eyes which may not be an accurate representation of the truth. We have inaccurate perception of ourselves, the situation, the obstacles, the essentials.

2. Unconscious programming. Our limitations, fears and doubts live in our subconscious mind.  We can try to “will” ourselves to do something, but if the subconscious part of our mind programmed to do the opposite, the subconscious mind will derail us.

3. Our Beliefs and Feelings
Our belief systems and our feelings act as our compass and guide our internal and external direction. But even thought our feelings and beliefs are strong and feel real, but they are not always facts.

4. Long term goals versus short term satisfaction
Sometimes we may want something very badly, but we do not understand the level of determination, drive and motivation that is needed to keep moving towards our goal. And when we are  conflicted between what we want now and what we want in the long run, we work against ourselves, taking one step forward and 2 steps back.

In order to accomplish our goals we need to know and understand what truly drives and influences us and we must learn how to override our limitations. Our Methods work with your help you create Success.

We can help you sort through the confusion and conflict that stands between you and your dreams so you can truly reach your dreams.

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