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Our Special Offers may include any of the following

Personal or Professional Coaching, Business Relationship Coaching, Personal Relationship Coaching, Individual Counseling, Marriage or Couples Counseling, Singles Coaching, Individual Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Session, Hypnosis Class (small group), Weight Loss Hypnosis Group, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Analysis, Trauma/Nightmare Resolution, EMDR, Wellness Programs.  

Personal or Professional Coaching
This gives you the chance to address a personal or career goal

Personal or Professional Relationship Coaching
Learn how to read people and communicate better

1 Hour Hypnosis Session
This gives you the chance to address ANYTHING you want to address and your session is personalized and specific to you.

3 Session Self-Hypnosis Class
This is an hour class given once a week for 3 weeks that explains about hypnosis and teaches you how to do self-hypnosis.
The Self-Hypnosis class will provide you with a good understanding of what hypnosis is and how it works. You will learn some basics which you can apply in your life. This class will NOT make you an EXPERT. It will help you understand the inner workings of your mind. You will learn one technique of self-hypnosis. You will learn how to put yourself in hypnosis and the ways in which hypnosis is and can be used in your every day life.

Small GROUPHypnosis
This is an hour group hypnosis scheduled once a week for an 3 weeks that uses hypnosis and helps you reach a specific goal. We may offer a hypnosis group specifically to address WEIGHT. We may offer one hypnosis group specifically to address SMOKING. We may offer one hypnosis group that addresses STRESS.
If you have been struggling with a habit or a goal that you have tried to conquer, but have not succeeded, you may prefer to begin with the education and training that this self-hypnosis group class offers and you may want to follow it with a personalized, private session where you can just sit back and relax and be hypnotized by Laura Pagano Temin of Achievement Strategies, Inc.

Hypnosis Weight Groups
This group will educate you on what hypnosis is and how it works. You will learn about  learning styles and everyday hypnosis. In fact you will be surprised to see the ways in which you are already using hypnosis in your everyday life without even realizing it.
Each session will address certain problems and elements of change. We will address the conscious level through education and conversation and then we will reinforce you on the subconscious level through hypnosis. We address problem areas such as eating from emotion, eating from stress, overeating, quality of foods, quantity, exercise, beverages and social eating as well as the brain chemistry behind cravings. Our training provides tools and support. If you join a group and find that you need individual visits, no problem. You are welcome to choose any and all of the services we offer to help you get unstuck.

The Handwriting Analysis (GraphoAnalysis)
This is a personalized overview of a few of your Basic Traits that your handwriting sample reveals. Because everyone is different, each assessment will be different, as Laura Pagano Temin, Certified Graphoanalyst  shares some insights that are specific to you.   Handwriting Analysis can help you understand yourself, a loved one, a boss, a potential lover or business associate.

The Dream Analysis  Your dreams connect your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. They represent your innermost thoughts, hopes and struggles. Understanding your dreams accelerates forward movement and allows you to organize matters in your mind. The Dream Analysis includes an initial consultation, a discussion of your dream/dreams, your relevant personal history, your current situation and the interpretation.

Dream Therapy and Nightmare Resolution Therapy 
Along with the dream analysis session, we provide hypnotherapy sessions to resolve the issue or dissolve the nightmare.

Below is some recent feedback from others who took advantage of our Special Offers

 Customer Feedback

Enjoyed my first session with Laura and scheduled my next appointment. She is very personable, caring and easy to talk to. I have high hopes that she can help with my problem. I feel better already!
This was money well spent. Achievement Strategies is awesome, Laura was great and so easy to talk too, I really enjoyed my visit and I’m recommending Achievement Strategies to all of my friends.
07/13/2012 Thumbs Up
Laura is a very professional caring person.
07/12/2012 Thumbs Up
Interesting. I have only gone to one of 3 sessions and I have enjoyed the time so far. It’s a way to make you think differently.
06/29/2012 Thumbs Up
It was different than expected but I thought Laura assessed me up pretty well in the one session that we had. It was a very professional atmosphere and I felt completely comfortable.

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100% Thumbs Up


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