Treatment for Cravings in Weight Loss

What is the Missing Piece for Successful Weight Loss? 

Find the missing piece at Achievement Strategies, Inc.

Find the missing piece at Achievement Strategies, Inc.

 It is a Comprehensive Weight Loss Program that gives you the Missing Piece to  your weight loss success.

Most people try to adjust their weight by eating less or eliminating certain type of foods. Many  people think that they are weak and feel hopeless after multiple failed attempts at weight loss, but  that is because they don’t understand the interdependent relationship and influence between the  inner mind, the conscious mind, the science of food and the body. They don’t have all the facts, so  they unintentionally ignore the elements that may be crucial to their success.

If we want to be effective in our results, we have to understand how everything fits together and be willing and able to apply that knowledge. Achievement Strategies combines education with subconscious motivation to help you reach your goals.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. Missing Link Weight Loss Program supports your weight loss efforts by including:

  • Hypnosis and Subconscious Motivation for Weight Loss Success
  • Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success
  • Psycho-Educational programs that help you understand how your brain works
  • The Science behind Food Addictions
  • Self-Awareness Tools
  • Coaching
  • Emotional Support
  • Information about supplements (we do not directly sell supplements)
  • Individual or Group Format
  • Optional Medical Specialists Referrals

Cravings and the Brain
Did you know that there is a part of your brain that when it is under active, keeps you stuck on a certain thought? That’s the part that keeps you focused on that chocolate brownie or dreaming of how good that steamy hot loaf of bread will taste when it comes out of the oven. That obsessive part nags you until you give in. But as soon as you do, it starts the process all over again.

When the brain works properly you can say “No” to the cravings and shift your attention away because the other parts of your brain kick in and do their job to help you evaluate and weigh the consequences and make wiser choices.

The Missing Piece to Weight Loss includes more than just dieting and exercise.
It includes:

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: Retrain your brain to work for your goals, not against them
  • Coaching: Get support as you move towards your goal.
  • Education: learn about the reward centers of the brain and the functions of the brain in relation to food, health, memory, motivation and weight.


Retrain Your Brain
When people struggle with cravings, they tell themselves ‘Don’t Think About IT‘ (whatever it may be). Most people find it difficult  NOT to think about something.  Hypnosis helps you learn skills that address thoughts and cravings.

As a Licensed Hypnosis Therapist, hypnotherapy expert, educator and psychotherapist, Laura B. Pagano Temin:

  • Understands and explains the psychology around weight problems.
  • She explains the science of addictions which apply to food cravings.
  • She helps her clients understand how the habits become unintentionally programmed into the subconscious mind.
  • She motivates and reinforces her client’s goals through the power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Additional Solutions:
For some people, weight loss can be more difficult due to the way their brain functions. Sometimes they want  medication, supplements or hormones to help strengthen their brain function and their weight loss success.
Laura has worked in the hospital system for almost 8 years, and is currently involved in a community of functional medical experts. As a result Laura can recommend a caring and capable psychiatrist, internal physician, nutritionist or other specialist who can help you find additional help.

Medication, supplements and hormones can help to balance activity centers in the brain.
Hypnotherapy can help to dissolve automatic habits, old limiting beliefs, doubts, limitations and strengthen motivation and outcomes.

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